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Latest Design Pillow Top Spring Memory Foam Mattress In A Box

✔Point elastic 7-zone spring mattress 100x200:Ergonomic 7-zone spring mattress with very good point elasticity thanks to barrel pocket spring core. The pocket springs are sewn into fabric pockets, so even restless sleepers can easily sleep through with excellent body support

✔Breathable pocket spring mattress 100x200cm:The well-circulating interior spring mattress ensures excellent breathability. Very comfortable lying even when sweating, ventilating - for the pleasant temperature in every season - moisture-transporting.

✔Inofia luxury support system:Luxury multi-layer foam and pocket spring support 7-zone body support system.The special barrel-shaped spring shape guarantees optimal body adaptation and support, special shoulder, lumbar and pelvic comfort zone.

✔Healthy removable cover in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard:100 Luxury slow springback Foam made of solid and first-class temperature-sensitive materials, comfortable and breathable, could inhibit bacterial and parasitic growth and expel the steaming sweat from the contact surface between you and the mattress to keep your body comfortable while sleeping and keep it dry

✔Inofia quality and guarantee:It is compressed, vacuum sealed and neatly rolled in a box.We recommend everyone to try out at least 3-4 weeks before changing mattresses.100 nights at home test sleep with money back guarantee.We grant 10 years Guarantee on the mattress core and professional customer service team.

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